Stay connected and secure.
                Quickly access information with reliable, secure and dedicated point-to-point connectivity for voice and data traffic.

                Why CenturyLink? Private Line

                CenturyLink Private Line Services are delivered globally on our fiber network. Get dedicated bandwidth for high-priority business applications, diverse transport paths and immediate restoration in case of an outage.

                As for support, CenturyLink offers the best of both worlds—the responsiveness, agility and customer focus of a local provider, backed by the resources, bandwidth and network of a global provider.

                Capitalize on new business opportunities with a strong, flexible network.
                Connecting your world with reliable, dedicated bandwidth

                Limit outages
                Increase reliability—our architecture provides fully diverse paths for transport and immediate restoration in case of outages.

                Connect locally or worldwide
                Around the corner or across the globe, we can support your network implementation with our global and local footprint.

                Protect your network
                Secure your high-priority business applications; our network relies on trusted SONET and SDH architectures.

                Leverage protocol independence
                Carry IP, voice, data and video as Layer 2 or Layer 3 traffic.

                Make your move to the #1 U.S. carrier for Ethernet1
                CenturyLink offers MEF award-winning Ethernet services. More companies are adopting Ethernet solutions to get higher bandwidth and capacity for real-time apps like video conferencing, streaming analytics that gather sensor data from IoT devices or secure online transaction processing (OLTP). With Ethernet WAN offerings you and your customers can:
                Simplify your network architecture
                Scale bandwidth up or down on demand
                Features & capabilities
                • Speeds available include E-1, E-3, DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12,
                  OC-48, STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16
                • Multiple configurations including point-to-point, hub and end links 
                • Private Dedicated Rings (PDRs)
                • Diversity, latency and custom routing options 
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