Agile IT Operations

                Improve your business agility by rapidly delivering secure access to applications and data with adaptive networking, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud management solutions.

                Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategies
                Read 451 Research’s findings to see how you compare with global companies working to improve their transformation.

                Improve Your Business and IT Agility

                Moving into new markets, innovating and improving customer service depends on moving fast and deploying new technologies. That’s why IT organizations have shifted to a service-oriented model to quickly meet line-of-business needs that control more and more of the company’s technology spend.

                Choosing the right technology to build an all-digital, network-based, software-centric business model means navigating risk tolerance, available IT skill-sets and speed to market. But simplifying the deployment, monitoring, and management of infrastructure and application environments with policy-based automation lets businesses adapt, improve governance and respond faster.

                To improve agility and responsiveness, IT organizations must overcome some common technology and business challenges. We’ve identified several and provided insight into overcoming them.?

                Simplify Infrastructure Management for Agile IT

                Explore how to speed up time-to-deployment for all of your IT infrastructure and business applications.
                HYBRID CLOUD
                30-40% Lower Total Cost of Ownership1

                ??Simplify management and integration of disparate cloud environments
                ??Improve visibility and control of your multi-cloud ecosystem
                ??Integrate easily with existing cloud environments
                ??Deploy expert application and multi-cloud managed services

                Respond to business needs with improved governance by simplifying the rapid deployment, monitoring and management of applications. With multi-cloud management and connectivity tools, combined with comprehensive managed services expertise, you get the control you need to easily optimize workloads across disparate hosting environments.

                Drive Efficiency by Scaling Network Capacity up to 3X On Demand

                ??Secure access to applications and data in flexible hybrid hosting environments
                ??Improved visibility with end-to-end network performance metrics
                ??Deliver reliable access at a lower total cost of ownership
                ??High-performing, scalable and secure global network connectivity

                Reliable, high-speed business connectivity delivers rapid direct connectivity and greater control of your multi-cloud connections. Quickly scale and deliver applications and data with a secure, private, multi-site network that can quickly adapt to changing needs.

                CASE STUDY
                Sysomos Delivers Real-Time Social Intelligence Insights to its Customers

                Sysomos, a growing Canadian software company, leverages a hybrid hosting environment to reliably deliver its social intelligence platform to customers.

                CenturyLink Monitors 1.3 Billion Security Events Per Day2

                ??Assess, predict, protect and respond to threats with multi-layered security
                ??Augment defenses with security experts and Security Operations Centers
                ??Support network and cloud environments with policy-driven automation

                The extensive visibility of our global network and our expertise gives our customers a deeper level of security by blocking known malicious activity from accessing our network. Plus, an integrated approach lets us efficiently and effectively mitigate risks to your network and data assets.

                Align IT Strategies with Business Goals

                ??Simplify business operations to complete smarter, stronger and faster
                ??Focus IT on business objectives by leveraging certified IT specialists
                ??Drive business opportunities with our Solution Transformation Workshops

                At CenturyLink, we partner with you to help overcome technology challenges by easily evaluating and integrating new tools into your existing environment. It’s a personalized approach that helps you meet your objectives.

                CASE STUDY
                En Masse Entertainment Delivers Great Gaming

                En Masse Entertainment delivers an uninterrupted online streaming gaming experience that keeps their players in the game while saving them money.

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